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You know the benefits for you, Here are a few more

ADU for you

  • To make some extra income from an owned property
  • To keep my family together with an adult child at home
  • To provide a safe place for an aging parent to live
  • To add housing to the neighborhood
  • To house a veteran or person in need

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ADU’s Qualify for MN Housing Fix-up Fund Loan Program


The Minnesota Housing Fix-up Loan Program allows those who are qualified to repair, remodel and make energy and accessibility improvements to their home.


Loans go up to $50,000 with affordable, fixed interest rates. Longer repayment terms mean the option for lower monthly payments, and both secured and unsecured loans.


“Area income limited up to 135% of area medium income (maximum of 149,500) income can be calculated on only one spouse in the household.

City Ordinance

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The Home Improvement Loan Program is a statewide program that was established to encourage and support the preservation of existing housing.

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